How it Works

Step 1 Agree products

Your head office purchasing manager agrees the range of products that will be available for ordering at each of your sites.

Agree products

Products made available

Step 2. Products made available

The agreed products are published in an electronic catalogue on your customer branded portal.

Step 3. Login

Your site managers can log in securely to search available products to order which can be tailored to each individual site.


Place order

Step 4. Place order

The order is placed online by your site staff. The order is then optionally submitted to your head office for approval.

Step 5. Approve order

Approval is granted and a PO number is added by the approver which will be referenced on the invoice.

Approve order

Orders picked

Step 6. Orders picked

Orders are then picked and packed and notification is sent back to the client when the order is despatched.

Step 7. Orders delivered

Orders are delivered within 48 hours via trusted couriers.

Orders delivered

Invoices generated

Step 8. Invoices generated

Invoices are automatically generated and e-mailed to the client. Copy invoices are stored on the portal for the clients account team 24/7. A central record is held of each transaction and is visible to the site managers/head office.

Step 9. Full reporting suite

A full reporting suite is available on the portal 24/7 to review budgets and spend by site.

Full reporting suite